swMATH ID: 25527
Software Authors: Gutteridge A
Description: RSRuby: A Bridge Between Ruby and the R Interpreted Language. RSRuby is a bridge library for Ruby giving Ruby developers access to the full R statistical programming environment. RSRuby embeds a full R interpreter inside the running Ruby script, allowing R methods to be called and data passed between the Ruby script and the R interpreter. Most data conversion is handled automatically, but user-definable conversion routines can also be written to handle any R or Ruby class. RSRuby is a partial conversion of RPy[http://rpy.sourceforge.net/], and shares the same goals of robustness, ease of use and speed. The current version is stable and passes 90
Homepage: https://github.com/alexgutteridge/rsruby
Source Code:  https://github.com/alexgutteridge/rsruby
Dependencies: R; Ruby
Related Software: R; Rserve; RSPerl; RRb; RPy; RinRuby
Cited in: 0 Publications