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Software Authors: Psaila, Giuseppe
Description: ERX-QL: Querying an entity-relationship DB to obtain XML documents. Perspective scenarios of e-commerce applications, in particular B2B applications, based on the exchange of XML documents open new research issues in the field of information systems and XML data management. In fact, information systems will have to generate XML documents, obtained by querying the underlying DBMS. This paper informally introduces the ERX-Query Language (ERX-QL), under development as part of ERX Data Management System (developed at University of Bergamo). ERX-QL deals with the problem of formulating declarative queries to extract data from within a database and directly generate XML documents. This way, ERX-QL naturally deals with recursive and nested XML structures. Furthermore, the rich extended ER database provided by the ERX system makes ERX-QL rich and powerful, thus suitable, with minor changes, to be adopted on classical RDBMSs.
Homepage: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/3-540-46093-4_17
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