swMATH ID: 25607
Software Authors: Burns, K., Vasil, G., Oishi, J., Lecoanet, D., Brown, B., Quataert, E.
Description: Dedalus: A flexible pseudo-spectral framework for solving partial differential equations. Dedalus solves differential equations using spectral methods. It’s open-source, written in Python, and MPI-parallelized. We develop and use Dedalus to study fluid dynamics, but it’s designed to solve initial-value, boundary-value, and eigenvalue problems involving nearly arbitrary equations sets. You build a spectrally-representable domain, symbolically specify equations and boundary conditions, select a numerical solver, and go
Homepage: http://dedalus-project.org/
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: Chebfun; Julia; Matlab; ASCL; Python; Oceananigans.jl; cmocean; ApproxFun; GitHub; AMReX; DISPATCH; NIRVANA; AMRVAC; CHARM++; Legion; PARAMESH; HARM; RAMSES; FLASH; Pluto
Cited in: 17 Publications

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