swMATH ID: 2561
Software Authors: Dr. Song-Charng Kong, Dr. Xiuling Wang, Dr. Darrell W. Pepper, Dr. Juan Heinrich
Description: KIVA, a transient, three-dimensional, multiphase, multicomponent code for the analysis of chemically reacting flows with sprays has been under development at the Los Alamos National Laboratory for the past several years. The code uses an Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) methodology on a staggered grid, and discretizes space using the finite-volume technique. The code uses an implicit time-advancement with the exception of the advective terms that are cast in an explicit but second-order monotonicity-preserving manner. Also, the convection calculations can be subcycled in the desired regions to avoid restricting the time step due to Courant conditions. The range of validity of the code extends from low speeds to supersonic flows for both laminar and turbulent regimes. Arbitrary numbers of species and chemical reactions are allowed. A stochastic particle method is used to calculate evaporating liquid sprays, including the effects of droplet collisions and aerodynamic breakups. Although specifically designed for performing internal combustion engine calculations, the modularity of the code allows it for easy modifications for solving a variety of hydrodynamics problems involving chemical reactions. The code has found a widespread application in the automotive industry.
Homepage: http://www.lanl.gov/orgs/t/t3/codes/kiva.shtml
Keywords: unstructured meshes; arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian; fluid dynamics; spray; internal combustion engines
Related Software: Kiva-2; CHEMKIN; OpenFOAM; FLUENT; METIS; Chem1D; SENKIN; BIGHORN; Fuego; Flownex; SimScale; Refprop; HyperMesh; STAR-CCM+; I-DEAS; CUBIT; COMSOL; SIERRA; Matlab; OpenMPI
Cited in: 27 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.lanl.gov/orgs/t/t3/publications.shtml

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