swMATH ID: 25667
Software Authors: Peter Benner, Steffen W. R. Werner
Description: MORLAB - Model Order Reduction Laboratory. The MORLAB toolbox is a collection of MATLAB routines for model order reduction of dynamical systems based on the solution of matrix equations. The implementation is based on spectral projection methods, e.g., methods based on the matrix sign function and the matrix disk function.
Homepage: http://www.mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de/projects/morlab
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: model order reduction; LTI systems; descriptor systems; second-order systems; matrix equations; continuous-time systems; discrete-time systems; matrix sign function; matrix disk function; balanced truncation; system theory; control theory
Related Software: MESS; Matlab; RADI; MORPACK; sssMOR; Morembs; pyMOR; Chebfun; GitHub; dolfin_navier_scipy; SciPy; FEniCS; SparseRC; MORE; Loewner; RBmatlab; emgr; DUNE; rbMIT; DPA_TDEFL
Cited in: 8 Publications

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MORLAB - The Model Order Reduction LABoratory
Peter Benner, Steffen W. R. Werner

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