swMATH ID: 25721
Software Authors: Iwen, M.; Wang, Y.; Viswanathan, A.
Description: SparsePR: Matlab Software for Sparse Phase Retrieval. This repository contains Matlab code for solving the sparse phase retrieval problem. Details of the method, theoretical guarantees and representative numerical results can be found in: Robust Sparse Phase Retrieval Made Easy, Mark Iwen, Aditya Viswanthan and Yang Wang: In this short note we propose a simple two-stage sparse phase retrieval strategy that uses a near-optimal number of measurements, and is both computationally efficient and robust to measurement noise. In addition, the proposed strategy is fairly general, allowing for a large number of new measurement constructions and recovery algorithms to be designed with minimal effort.
Homepage: https://bitbucket.org/charms/sparsepr
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: PhaseLift; Wirtinger Flow; GESPAR; CoSaMP; BlockPR; TFOCS; PhaseMax; CVX; Quikr; PhaseCode; GitHub
Cited in: 19 Publications

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Robust sparse phase retrieval made easy. Zbl 1393.94274
Iwen, Mark; Viswanathan, Aditya; Wang, Yang

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