swMATH ID: 25783
Software Authors: Xi, Chenguang; Xin, Ran; Khan, Usman A.
Description: ADD-OPT: accelerated distributed directed optimization. In this paper, we consider distributed optimization problems where the goal is to minimize a sum of objective functions over a multi-agent network. We focus on the case when the inter-agent communication is described by a strongly-connected, emph{directed} graph. The proposed algorithm, ADD-OPT (Accelerated Distributed Directed Optimization), achieves the best known convergence rate for this class of problems, O(μk),0<μ<1, given strongly-convex, objective functions with globally Lipschitz-continuous gradients, where k is the number of iterations. Moreover, ADD-OPT supports a wider and more realistic range of step-sizes in contrast to existing work. In particular, we show that ADD-OPT converges for arbitrarily small (positive) step-sizes. Simulations further illustrate our results.
Homepage: http://www.google.de/#sclient=psy&hl=de&source=hp&q=ADD-OPT
Related Software: HOGWILD; AIDE
Cited in: 3 Publications

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