swMATH ID: 25836
Software Authors: Micah Altman; Jeff Gill; Michael McDonald
Description: accuracy: Tools for Accurate and Reliable Statistical Computing. Most empirical social scientists are surprised that low-level numerical issues in software can have deleterious effects on the estimation process. Statistical analyses that appear to be perfectly successful can be invalidated by concealed numerical problems. We have developed a set of tools, contained in accuracy, a package for R and S-PLUS, to diagnose problems stemming from numerical and measurement error and to improve the accuracy of inferences. The tools included in accuracy include a framework for gauging the computational stability of model results, tools for comparing model results, optimization diagnostics, and tools for collecting entropy for true random numbers generation.
Homepage: https://www.jstatsoft.org/v021/i01
Dependencies: R
Keywords: sensitivity analysis; statistical computation; numerical accuracy; generalized inverse; generalized Cholesky; Starr test; global optimization; R package; Journal of Statistical Software
Related Software: R; GENALG; gafit; rgenoud; Bhat; gmp; Zelig; JSci; JMSL; Colt; Excel; SAS; GSL; TNT; mctoolbox; DCDFLIB; Mathematica
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