swMATH ID: 25959
Software Authors: Kolen, Sonja; Dähling, Stefan; Isermann, Timo; Monti, Antonello
Description: DistAIX (for DISTributed Agent-based sImulation of compleX power systems): Enabling the analysis of emergent behavior in future electrical distribution systems using agent-based modeling and simulation. In future electrical distribution systems, component heterogeneity and their cyber-physical interactions through electrical lines and communication lead to emergent system behavior. As the distribution systems represent the largest part of an energy system with respect to the number of nodes and components, large-scale studies of their emergent behavior are vital for the development of decentralized control strategies. This paper presents and evaluates DistAIX, a novel agent-based modeling and simulation tool to conduct such studies. The major novelty is a parallelization of the entire model – including the power system, communication system, control, and all interactions – using processes instead of threads. Thereby, a distribution of the simulation to multiple computing nodes with a distributed memory architecture becomes possible. This makes DistAIX scalable and allows the inclusion of as many processing units in the simulation as desired. The scalability of DistAIX is demonstrated by simulations of large-scale scenarios. Additionally, the capability of observing emergent behavior is demonstrated for an exemplary distribution grid with a large number of interacting components.
Homepage: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/complexity/2018/3469325/
Keywords: electrical distribution systems; decentralized control strategies; agent-based modeling and simulation tool
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