swMATH ID: 2596
Software Authors: Chen, Huiping; Wang, Jiandong; Ye, Feiyue
Description: MAXFP-Miner: mining maximal frequent itemsets efficiently by using FP-tree. In order to improve the efficiency of mining frequent itemsets the concept of maximal frequent itemset tree and an efficient algorithm, MAXFP-Miner, based on FP-tree for mining maximal frequent itemsets are proposed. After the FP-tree is created, a maximal frequent itemset tree, MAXFP-tree, is built up to store all the maximal frequent itemsets. Therefore, this MAXFP-tree reduces the search space and improves the efficiency of the algorithm. The analysis of the algorithm and the results of experiment show that the algorithm is specially effective for mining dense datasets with long frequent itemsets.
Homepage: http://www.zbmath.org/?q=an:05048290
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