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Description: ISYDS– Integrated System for Decision Support (SIAD – Sistema Integrado de Apoio a Decisão): a software package for data envelopment analysis model. Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is an approach to evaluate efficiency and uses Linear Programming Problems (LPP) to assess the performance of Decision-Making Units (DMUs). In recent years there has been an increasing interest for DEA and its corresponding LPPs. Several real case applications have led to a need for new developments in the classic models, the CCR (Charnes et al., 1978) and BCC (Banker et al., 1984) DEA models, in order to include new situations. Thus, several researchers have been aware to the results yielded by the models in terms of efficiency indexes, benchmarks and targets. On the other hand, a LPP has to be solved for each DMU. So the task for efficiency evaluation can be hard and very time consuming without adequate specific software, particularly for a large number of DMUs. Several software packages were developed so to minimise those problems. However, in several situations, the results obtained from these softwares are either incomplete or inconsistent. In further sections, we will describe some of those and the problems related to them. These problems motivated us to develop a DEA package that displays complete results (efficiency scores, targets, benchmarks, variable weights, shares, slacks) and that includes some advanced models usually not present in existent packages. This was the motivation for SIAD (which are the Portuguese initials for Integrated System for Decision Support) development. Another motivation was the possibility of integrating in a single package other decision aid tools like multicriteria and game theory models. Those features are in still under development. SIAD is design for Windows environment and was written in Delphi 7.0 due mainly to allow Object Pascal coding for writing the Simplex algorithm to solve LPPs and also to its capability to deal with graphics and windows interface. The user has no need of other additional software to run SIAD.
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