swMATH ID: 26018
Software Authors: Baio, Gianluca; Berardi, Andrea; Heath, Anna
Description: BCEAweb: A User-Friendly Web-App to Use BCEA. In this chapter, we introduce BCEAweb, a web interface for BCEA. BCEAweb is a web application aimed at everyone who does not use R to develop economic models and wants a user-friendly way to analyse both the assumptions and the results of an health economic evaluation . The results of any probabilistic model can be very easily imported into the web-app, and the outcomes are analysed using a wide array of standardised functions. The chapter will introduce the use of the main functions of BCEAweb and how to use its capabilities to produce results summaries, tables and graphs
Homepage: https://egon.stats.ucl.ac.uk/projects/BCEAweb/
Dependencies: R
Related Software: ggplot2; TreeAge; R; BCEA; rjags; dampack; heemod; hesim; R2OpenBUGS; BUGS; shiny; triangle; R-INLA; R2jags; Stan; Excel
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