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Software Authors: Buja, A., Swayne, D. F.
Description: xgvis - interactive multidimensional scaling using xgobi for display: Visualization methodology for multidimensional scaling. These uncertainties will be addressed by the following interactive techniques: (a) algorithm animation, random restarts, and manual editing of configurations, (b) interactive control over parameters that determine the criterion and its minimization, (c) diagnostics for pinning down artifactual point configurations, and (d) restricting MDS to subsets of objects and subsets of pairs of objects. A system, called “XGvis”, which implments these techniques, is freely available with the “XGobi” distribution. XGobi is a multivariate data visualization system that is used here for visualizing point configurations.
Homepage: http://www.ira.inaf.it/manuals/xgobi/xgvis.html
Related Software: MPsychoR; ggrepel; pertsaus2; superMDS; ggplot2; R; NEWUOA; clusfind; smacof; GGobi; NewMDSX; ALSCAL; PERMAP; PROXSCAL; SAS; SPSS; SYSTAT; STATISTICA; XGobi
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Visualization methodology for multidimensional scaling. Zbl 1137.91603
Buja, Andreas; Swayne, Deborah F.

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