swMATH ID: 2619
Software Authors: Marić, Filip; Janičić, Predrag
Description: ARGO-LIB: A generic platform for decision procedures. ARGO-LIB is a C++ library that provides support for using decision procedures and for schemes for combining and augmenting decision procedures. This platform follows the SMT-LIB initiative which aims at establishing a library of benchmarks for satisfiability modulo theories. The platform can be easily integrated into other systems. It also enables comparison and unifying of different approaches, evaluation of new techniques and, hopefully, can help in advancing the field.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/240bbrk5athrj4xf/fulltext.pdf
Programming Languages: C++
Related Software: SMT-LIB; CVC
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ARGO-LIB: A generic platform for decision procedures. Zbl 1126.68572
Marić, Filip; Janičić, Predrag

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