swMATH ID: 26227
Software Authors: Ronald Schoenberg; Aptech Systems, Inc.
Description: GAUSS module CML: Constrained Maximum Likelihood. Constrained Maximum Likelihood (CML), developed at Aptech Systems, generates maximum likelihood estimates with general parametric constraints (linear or nonlinear, equality or inequality), using the sequential quadratic programming method. CML computes two classes of confidence intervals, by inversion of the Wald and likelihood ratio statistics, and by simulation. The inversion techniques can produce misleading test sizes, but Monte Carlo evidence suggests this problem can be corrected under certain circumstances.
Homepage: https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=262402
Dependencies: GAUSS
Related Software: GAUSS; R; robustbase; EI; spcov; glasso; Matlab; Optimization Toolbox; S-PLUS; Mx; BRENT; Rcapture; OpenMx; EQS; lavaan; Amos; LISREL; Mplus; SPSS; Maple
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