swMATH ID: 26284
Software Authors: Abhinandan Jain
Description: PyCraft: An Analytical and Computational Workbench for System Level Multibody Dynamics. n this paper, we describe the PyCraft computational workbench for studying and evaluating complex, system level dynamics properties of multibody systems. Examples of such dynamics properties are the system mass matrix, Jacobians and sensitivities of these quantities that are important for design and optimization of dynamics properties, as well as for controller development. In this paper we describe the C++/Python PyCraft workbench which builds upon rich mathematical operator methods from the Spatial Operator Algebra (SOA) that have been used for analysis and algorithm development for multibody dynamics. Mathematical operator expressions can be literally transcribed to the PyCraft command line to allow the easy evaluation of complex dynamics quantities. Several examples illustrating operator based analysis and corresponding PyCraft execution are included.
Homepage: https://dartslab.jpl.nasa.gov/References/pdf/2016-pycraft.pdf
Related Software: DARTS; SWIG; GneimoSim; DSENDS
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2 Jain, Abhinandan

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