swMATH ID: 26359
Software Authors: Heather Turner, Ioannis Kosmidis, David Firth, Jacob van Etten
Description: R package PlackettLuce: Plackett-Luce Models for Rankings. Functions to prepare rankings data and fit the Plackett-Luce model jointly attributed to Plackett (1975) <doi:10.2307/2346567> and Luce (1959, ISBN:0486441369). The standard Plackett-Luce model is generalized to accommodate ties of any order in the ranking. Partial rankings, in which only a subset of items are ranked in each ranking, are also accommodated in the implementation. Disconnected/weakly connected networks implied by the rankings are handled by adding pseudo-rankings with a hypothetical item. Methods are provided to estimate standard errors or quasi-standard errors for inference as well as to fit Plackett-Luce trees. See the package website or vignette for full details.
Homepage: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/PlackettLuce/index.html
Dependencies: R
Keywords: arXiv_publication; arXiv_stat.CO; R; R package; Plackett-Luce Models; Rankings
Related Software: PLMIX; Pmr; PrefLib; choix; hyper2; lbfgs; mixedMem; gnm; PerMallows; rankdist; Rankcluster; prefmod; ROlogit; CRAN; CSparse; clusfind; Winning; psychotree; igraph; R
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Modelling rankings in R: the PlackettLuce package. Zbl 07255802
Turner, Heather L.; van Etten, Jacob; Firth, David; Kosmidis, Ioannis
Modelling rankings in R: the PlackettLuce package
Heather L. Turner; Jacob van Etten; David Firth; Ioannis Kosmidis

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