swMATH ID: 2642
Software Authors: McKay, Kenneth N.; Kletter, David B.; Graves, Stephen C.
Description: Modeling involves a series of stages, from the initial concept or abstraction to potential use in industry, or some form of colleague or student exposure - a variety of processes and users. Modeling also implies a number of modeling paradigms - from optimization to simulations. A modeling environment supports the modeling life cycle and ”general” modeling, not just one technique such as linear programming. We describe an information systems approach to the design of an integrated modeling environment - OMAC. The design requirements, system’s architecture, and modeling capability of the OMAC modeling environment are discussed.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/p250q7x153450000/fulltext.pdf
Keywords: decision support systems; operations modeling and analysis core; modeling; information systems approach; OMAC
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