swMATH ID: 26464
Software Authors: M. Zviedris; G. Barzdin
Description: ViziQuer: A Tool to Explore and Query SPARQL Endpoints. The presented tool uses a novel approach to explore and query a SPARQL endpoint. The tool is simple to use as a user needs only to enter an address of a SPARQL endpoint of one’s interest. The tool will extract and visualize graphically the data schema of the endpoint. The user will be able to overview the data schema and use it to construct a SPARQL query according to the data schema. The tool can be downloaded from http://viziquer.lumii.lv. There is also additional information and help on how to use it in practice.
Homepage: http://viziquer.lumii.lv/
Source Code:  https://github.com/LUMII-Syslab/viziquer
Related Software: R2RML; RDF123; QueryVOWL; OptiqueVQS; LODeX; NITELIGHT; iSPARQL; SPARQL; SPARQLGraph; Colt; SemTK
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