swMATH ID: 26465
Software Authors: Fabio Benedetti, Sonia Bergamaschi, Laura Po
Description: LODeX: A tool for Visual Querying Linked Open Data. Formulating a query on a Linked Open Data (LOD) source is not an easy task; a technical knowledge of the query language, and, the awareness of the structure of the dataset are essential to create a query. We present a revised version of LODeX that provides the user an easy way for building queries in a fast and interactive manner. When a user decides to explore a LOD source, he/she can take advantage of the Schema Summary produced by LODeX (i.e. a synthetic view of the dataset’s structure) and he/she can pick graphical elements from it to create a visual query. The tool also supports the user in browsing the results and, eventually, in refining the query. The prototype has been evaluated on hundreds of public SPARQL endpoints (listed in Data Hub) and it is available online at http://dbgroup.unimo.it/lodex2. A survey conducted on 27 users has demonstrated that our tool can effectively support both unskilled and skilled users in exploring and querying LOD datasets.
Homepage: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1486/paper_62.pdf
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