swMATH ID: 26492
Software Authors: F. Haag, S. Lohmann, S. Siek, T. Ertl
Description: QueryVOWL is a visual query language for Linked Data based upon the ontology visualization VOWL. It has been designed as an intuitive and easy to use language with clear mappings to SPARQL. In contrast to related work, the queries can be created entirely with visual elements, taking into account RDFS and OWL concepts often used to structure Linked Data. Related projects are VOWL and SparqlFilterFlow.
Homepage: http://vowl.visualdataweb.org/queryvowl/
Related Software: R2RML; RDF123; OptiqueVQS; LODeX; ViziQuer; NITELIGHT; iSPARQL; SPARQL; SPARQLGraph; Colt; SemTK
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