swMATH ID: 26526
Software Authors: AllenAI
Description: AllenNLP: An open-source NLP research library, built on PyTorch. AllenNLP makes it easy to design and evaluate new deep learning models for nearly any NLP problem, along with the infrastructure to easily run them in the cloud or on your laptop. AllenNLP includes reference implementations of high quality models for both core NLP problems (e.g. semantic role labeling) and NLP applications (e.g. textual entailment)
Homepage: https://allennlp.org/
Dependencies: PyTorch
Related Software: PyTorch; BERT; Python; TensorFlow; fairseq; spaCy; ImageNet; OpenNMT; Transformers; RoBERTa; GLUE; Detectron; Tensor2Tensor; SQuAD; DistilBERT; XLNet; SuperGLUE; Adam; dhSegment; CascadeTabNet
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Further Publications: https://allennlp.org/publications

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