swMATH ID: 2656
Software Authors: Genta, G.; Delprete, C.; Bassani, D.
Description: DYNROT: A finite element code for rotordynamic analysis based on complex coordinates. DYNROT is a code based on the finite element method which is intended to perform a complete study of the dynamic behaviour of rotors. Although initially designed to solve the basic linear rotordynamic problems (Campbell diagram for damped or undamped systems, unbalance response, critical speeds, static loading), it can be used for the study of non-stationary motions of nonlinear rotating systems and for the torsional analysis of rotors and reciprocating machines. Explains that one of the distinctive features of the code is the use of complex co-ordinates, both for isotropic and non-symmetric systems. Makes extensive use of complex arithmetics in all parts of the analysis. Applies the modal approach in some of the solution routines to increase the efficiency of the computation or to compute an equivalent viscous damping in those cases where hysteretic damping cannot be introduced directly to the model. The dynamics of bladed discs is included in the code.
Homepage: http://core.kmi.open.ac.uk/display/11371585
Keywords: complex coordinates; finite element method; nonlinearity; systems
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