swMATH ID: 26569
Software Authors: J. S. Gray, K. T. Moore, B. A. Naylor
Description: OpenMDAO is an open-source high-performance computing platform for systems analysis and multidisciplinary optimization, written in Python. It enables you to decompose your models, making them easier to build and maintain, while still solving them in a tightly coupled manner with efficient parallel numerical methods.
Homepage: http://openmdao.org/
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: Python; SNOPT; DAKOTA; SciPy; pyOptSparse; SU2; GitHub; Adam; EGO; pyOpt; pyMDO; KNIME; Apache NiFi; Matlab; RCE; Adjoint; GPOPS; CasADi; dymos; ADflow
Cited in: 8 Publications
Further Publications: http://openmdao.org/publications/

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