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Software Authors: Coldwell, Robert L.; Bamford, Gary J.
Description: The theory and operation of spectral analysis using ROBFIT. The book is essentially a manual for the ROBFIT. The latter (from ROBust FITting) is a computerized spectral analysis package developed by the authors, spectra being histograms of intensity versus channel number. The predestination of ROBFIT is the analysis of spectra containing many peaks residing on a complex background function. ROBFIT performs a least-squares fit to the spectral data on the basis of user-chosen peak shapes (up to five independent peak shapes can be used) and a background function composed of cubic splines.par The core of ROBFIT is the nonlinear minimization routine SMSQ using a generalization of the Newton-Raphson technique enabling the user to analyze spectra even with many nonlinear constants in the fit. This routine can be also used outside ROBFIT as general minimization algorithm.par Although ROBFIT has been mainly used in the study of gamma-ray spectra, there are many other areas of application, such as the gamma-ray spectrum of the Supernova 1987A and solar seismology, both cases being described in the book.par Two thirds of the book are devoted to the ROBFIT use guide and to full code listings in FORTRAN, and present versions of the program running on IBM and Macintosh personal computers. Nevertheless the book is not only a user manual for ROBFIT. It contains also useful information on mathematical techniques such as spline fitting, robust estimation and nonlinear regression.
Homepage: https://www.springer.com/de/book/9780883189290
Keywords: robust fitting; textbook; ROBFIT; spectral analysis package; least- squares fit; cubic splines; nonlinear minimization routine; Newton- Raphson technique; gamma-ray spectra; solar seismology; spline fitting; robust estimation; nonlinear regression
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