swMATH ID: 26648
Software Authors: Alvaro Feito
Description: Quantavo: a Maple Toolbox for Linear Quantum Optics. This manual describes the basic objectives, functionalities and uses of the toolbox for Maple (Maplesoft^TM) called Quantavo. It is intended to facilitate calculations both symbolically and numerically related to Quantum Optics. In particular the evolution, measurement and entanglement properties of quantum states in the Fock basis can be simulated with it. It is provided to the community as a free open source module.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/0806.2171
Dependencies: Maple
Keywords: Quantum Physics; arXiv_quant-ph; Maple; Linear Quantum Optics
Related Software: Maple
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Quantavo: a Maple Toolbox for Linear Quantum Optics
Alvaro Feito