swMATH ID: 2666
Software Authors: Alves, Maria Joao; Almeida, Marla
Description: MOTGA: a multiobjective Tchebycheff based genetic algorithm for the multidimensional knapsack problem. A new multiobjective genetic algorithm based on the Chebyshev scalarizing function, which aims to generate a good approximation of the nondominated solution set of the multiobjective problem. The algorithm performs several stages, each one intended for searching potentially nondominated solutions in a different part of the Pareto front. Pre-defined weight vectors act as pivots to define the weighted-Chebyshev scalarizing functions used in each stage. Therefore, each stage focuses the search on a specific region, leading to an iterative approximation of the entire nondominated set.This algorithm, called MOTGA (multiple objective Chebyshev based genetic algorithm) has been designed to the multiobjective multidimensional 0/1 knapsack problem, for which a dedicated routine to repair infeasible solutions was implemented. Computational results are presented and compared with the outcomes of other evolutionary algorithms.
Homepage: http://www4.fe.uc.pt/mjalves/results_software.htm
Keywords: genetic algorithms; multiple objective programming; knapsack problem; multiobjective Chebyshev genetic algorithm
Related Software: SPEA2; MOEA/D; OR-Library; Knapsack; CPLEX; HypE; WBMOAIS; Tabu search; GRASP; PAES; MEMOTS; MACS-VRPTW; PISA; ve08
Cited in: 19 Publications

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