swMATH ID: 26666
Software Authors: Evans, J. A.; Shih, D.
Description: FormFlavor is a Mathematica based tool for computing a broad list of flavor and CP observables in general new physics models. Based on the powerful machinery of FeynArts and FormCalc, FormFlavor calculates the one-loop Wilson coefficients of the dimension 5 and 6 Standard Model effective Lagrangian entirely from scratch. These Wilson coefficients are then evolved down to the low scale using one-loop QCD RGEs, where they are transformed into flavor and CP observables. The last step is accomplished using a model-independent, largely stand-alone package called FFObservables that is included with FormFlavor. The SM predictions in FFObservables include up-to-date references and accurate current predictions. Using the functions and modular structure provided by FormFlavor, it is straightforward to add new observables. Currently, FormFlavor is set up to perform these calculations for the general, non-MFV MSSM, but in principle it can be generalized to arbitrary FeynArts models.
Homepage: https://formflavor.hepforge.org/
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: FormFlavor; Mathematica; High Energy Physics; arXiv_hep-ph; FeynArts; FormCalc
Related Software: Wilson; Superiso; flavio; FeynRules; SMEFTsim; FlavorKit; SARAH; Mathematica; FormCalc; Spheno; FeynArts; HEPfit; DirectDM; WCxf; DsixTools; Matplotlib; Python; NumPy; CRunDec; RunDec
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Jared A. Evans, David Shih

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