swMATH ID: 26707
Software Authors: Seiya Tokui, Kenta Oono, Shohei Hido, Justin Clayton
Description: Chainer: a next-generation open source framework for deep learning. Chainer is a Python-based deep learning framework aiming at flexibility. It provides automatic differentiation APIs based on the define-by-run approach (a.k.a. dynamic computational graphs) as well as object-oriented high-level APIs to build and train neural networks. It also supports CUDA/cuDNN using CuPy for high performance training and inference. For more details of Chainer, see the documents and resources listed above and join the community in Forum, Slack, and Twitter.
Homepage: https://chainer.org/
Source Code:  https://github.com/chainer/chainer
Related Software: PyTorch; TensorFlow; Python; Theano; MXNet; Caffe; Adam; OpenAI Gym; Scikit; ImageNet; Keras; Torch; Tangent; cuDNN; CNTK; AlexNet; AdaGrad; MoleculeNet; ZINC; PiNN
Cited in: 6 Publications

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