swMATH ID: 26752
Software Authors: Sjoden, G.; Haghighat, A.; HSW Technologies LLC
Description: PENTRAN™: Our deterministic 3-D radiation transport package is the PENTRAN code system (Parallel Environment Neutral-particle TRANsport), which operates on parallel computers using MPI to automatically distribute a radiation transport problem using angular, energy, and/or spatial decomposition onto a collective of processors. All-Inclusive Processing Capabilities. The PENTRAN system includes a suite of pre- and post-processing codes for automatic 3-D mesh generation (PENMSH-XP), including automatic input deck generation, and data collection tools for 3-D data analysis (PENDATA & PENPRL). Bottom-line Benefits. With PENTRAN, an entire 3-D multigroup system calculation can be modeled in as little a few hours with extremely high fidelity and accuracy.
Homepage: http://www.hswtech.com/Pentran.htm
Related Software: DAGuE
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