swMATH ID: 26881
Software Authors: Matias Martinez, Thomas Durieux, Romain Sommerard, Jifeng Xuan, Martin Monperrus
Description: jGenProg is an implementation of GenProg. The experiments about jGenProg are described in: Automatic Repair of Real Bugs in Java: A Large-Scale Experiment on the Defects4J Dataset (Matias Martinez, Thomas Durieux, Romain Sommerard, Jifeng Xuan and Martin Monperrus), In Empirical Software Engineering, Springer Verlag, volume 22, 2017. ASTOR: A Program Repair Library for Java (Matias Martinez, Martin Monperrus) , in Proceedings of ISSTA, Demonstration Track, 2016. Open-science repository with jGenProg patches: https://github.com/Spirals-Team/defects4j-repair/
Homepage: https://github.com/SpoonLabs/astor
Related Software: Codeflaws; ASTOR; Nopol; Defects4J; Bugbench; JUnit; GHTorrent; JGit; GitHub; Travis CI; Maven; jtravis; Bugs.jar; QuixBugs; Bears; Qlose; Angelix; JFIX; GZoltar; ARJA
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