swMATH ID: 26887
Software Authors: S. Mechtaev, J. Yi, A. Roychoudhury
Description: Angelix: Semantics-based test-driven automated program repair tool for C programs. Automated program repair. The once-futuristic idea of automated program repair is gradually becoming a reality. Several approaches for automatically fixing bugs have been proposed recently. They can be classified into search-based methods and semantics-based methods. Our semantic analysis based repair tool Angelix synthesizes repairs based on semantic information of the program and scales up to real-world software. Furthermore, our repair method can repair multiple buggy locations that are dependent on each other. In our experiments, Angelix generated repairs from large-scale programs such as Wireshark and Php. We also successfully generated a patch for the well-known Heartbleed vulnerability.
Homepage: http://angelix.io/
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