swMATH ID: 27059
Software Authors: Vertica Systems
Description: The Vertica Analytics Platform is purpose built from the very first line of code for Big Data analytics. It is designed for use in data warehouses and other big data workloads where speed, scalability, simplicity, and openness are crucial to the success of analytics. Vertica relies on a tested, reliable distributed architecture and columnar compression to deliver blazingly fast speed. A simplified license and the capability to deploy anywhere delivers on the promise of big data analytics like no other solution.
Homepage: https://www.vertica.com/overview/
Related Software: INGRES; REXX; Matlab; Cassandra; HBase; SNOBOL; GraphBLAS; moleculaRnetworks; GeneRank; Gunrock; P3S; CryptDB; Bigtable; VoltDB; VisiCalc; DynamoDB; Accumulo; D4M; GraphX; Python
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