swMATH ID: 27088
Software Authors: John Southworth
Description: The JKTEBOP code is used to fit a model to the light curves of detached eclipsing binary stars in order to derive the radii of the stars as well as various other quantities. It is very stable and has a lot of additional goodies, including extensive Monte Carlo or bootstrapping error analysis algorithms, so is pretty much all you need to analyse an eclipsing binary light curve. It is also excellent for transiting extrasolar planetary systems. All input and output is done by text files, making its operation as simple as possible. JKTEBOP has not been given a graphical interface or plotting capability; I prefer to use IDL or GNUPLOT to create plots from the JKTEBOP output. JKTEBOP is written in almost-standard FORTRAN 77 using first the g77 compiler and now the ifort compiler. It was presented, along with the Monte Carlo algorithm implementation, in my papers on V453 Cyg, V621 Per and WW Aur (see my publication record), and has been used and gradually extended in quite a few papers since.
Homepage: http://www.astro.keele.ac.uk/jkt/codes/jktebop.html
Related Software: EXOFAST; PyTransit; Python; batman; TAP; PyLightcurve; ExoTETHyS; TAC-maker
Cited in: 0 Publications