swMATH ID: 27222
Software Authors: R. Li, Y. Xi, L. Erlandson, Y. Saad
Description: The Eigenvalues Slicing Library (EVSL): Algorithms, implementation, and software. This paper describes a software package called EVSL (for EigenValues Slicing Library) for solving large sparse real symmetric standard and generalized eigenvalue problems. As its name indicates, the package exploits spectrum slicing, a strategy that consists of dividing the spectrum into a number of subintervals and extracting eigenpairs from each subinterval independently. In order to enable such a strategy, the methods implemented in EVSL rely on a quick calculation of the spectral density of a given matrix, or a matrix pair. What distinguishes EVSL from other currently available packages is that EVSL relies entirely on filtering techniques. Polynomial and rational filtering are both implemented and are coupled with Krylov subspace methods and the subspace iteration algorithm. On the implementation side, the package offers interfaces for various scenarios including matrix-free modes, whereby the user can supply his/her own functions to perform matrix-vector operations or to solve sparse linear systems. The paper describes the algorithms in EVSL, provides details on their implementations, and discusses performance issues for the various methods.
Homepage: https://www-users.cs.umn.edu/~saad/software/EVSL/
Keywords: Spectrum slicing; Spectral density; Krylov subspace methods; the Lanczos algo- rithm; Subspace iterations; Polynomial filtering; Rational filtering; Numerical Analysis; arXiv_math.NA
Related Software: ARPACK; SparseMatrix; LAPACK; CIRR; FEAST; PARDISO; SLEPc; hypre; Anasazi; PRIMME; SIESTA; ELPA; ScaLAPACK; BoomerAMG; lobpcg.m; IRAM; PARSEC; Trilinos; CHOLMOD; CASTEP
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The eigenvalues slicing library (EVSL): algorithms, implementation, and software. Zbl 1420.65050
Li, Ruipeng; Xi, Yuanzhe; Erlandson, Lucas; Saad, Yousef
The Eigenvalues Slicing Library (EVSL): Algorithms, Implementation, and Software arXiv
Ruipeng Li, Yuanzhe Xi, Lucas Erlandson, Yousef Saad

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