swMATH ID: 27266
Software Authors: O'Mara, A., King, A.E., Vickers, J.C., Kirkcaldie, M.T.K.
Description: ImageSURF: An ImageJ Plugin for Batch Pixel-Based Image Segmentation Using Random Forests. Image segmentation is a necessary step in automated quantitative imaging. ImageSURF is a macro-compatible ImageJ2/FIJI plugin for pixel-based image segmentation that considers a range of image derivatives to train pixel classifiers which are then applied to image sets of any size to produce segmentations without bias in a consistent, transparent and reproducible manner. The plugin is available from ImageJ update site http://sites.imagej.net/ImageSURF/ and source code from https://github.com/omaraa/ImageSURF.
Homepage: https://openresearchsoftware.metajnl.com/articles/10.5334/jors.172/
Source Code:  https://github.com/omaraa/ImageSURF
Keywords: ImageJ; FIJI; segmentation; trainable segmentation; binary segmentation; random forests; JORS publication; open access
Related Software: FastRandomForest; WEKA; ilastik; ImageJ
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