swMATH ID: 27283
Software Authors: Žnidaršič, Martin; Bohanec, Marko; Zupan, Blaž
Description: proDEX - A DSS tool for environmental decision-making. proDEX is a tool for qualitative multi-attribute decision-making that is based on DEX methodology and includes a number of extensions. These include the treatment of general (non-tree) hierarchies, numerical inputs and probabilistic utility functions. The development of these features was initiated by the requirements that stem from our work in environmental modelling. Here, we provide installation instructions, motivation and a demonstration of actual use of the tool for decision making in an environmental domain.
Homepage: http://kt.ijs.si/software/proDEX/supp/ems-prodex/
Keywords: decision analysis; multiple criteria analysis; OR in agriculture; uncertainty modelling; software
Related Software: DEX; DEXi; M-MACBETH; UTA Plus
Cited in: 3 Documents

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