AGX Dynamics

swMATH ID: 27309
Software Authors: Algoryx Simulation AB
Description: AGX Dynamics is a professional multi-purpose physics engine for simulators, Virtual Reality (VR), engineering, large scale granular simulations and more. It consists of hundreds of C++ classes of highly optimized and portable code and is the obvious choice when you need to simulate mechanical constrained systems with frictional contacts. It is truly scalable in all senses of the word. Built upon a solid foundation of original scientific research, including discrete variational and physics based time integration methods for constrained systems, parallel high performance hybrid equation solvers and novel multi-physics models. Therefore AGX Dynamics combines accuracy with speed in a way that cannot be found in any other competing physics engine or product.
Homepage: https://www.algoryx.se/products/agx-dynamics/
Related Software: NVIDIA PhysX; JigLibX; Jiglib; Siconos; OPCODE; Intel TBB; Bullet; Open Dynamics Engine; CUDA; LIGGGHTS
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