swMATH ID: 27311
Software Authors: Messaoudi, Abderrahim; Errachid, Mohammed; Jbilou, Khalide; Sadok, Hassane
Description: GRPIA: a new algorithm for computing interpolation polynomials. .. In this paper, we will give a new formulation of the Hermite polynomial interpolation problem and derive a new algorithm, called the Generalized Recursive Polynomial Interpolation Algorithm (GRPIA), for computing the Hermite polynomial interpolation in the general case. A new result of the existence of the polynomial pN− 1 will also be established, cost and storage of this algorithm will also be studied, and some examples will be given.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11075-018-0543-x
Keywords: Schur complement; Sylvester’s identity; polynomial interpolation; general Hermite polynomial interpolation; recursive polynomial interpolation algorithm; matrix recursive polynomial interpolation algorithm
Related Software: RMVPIA; ALGOL 60; EPSfun; Anderson; SQUAREM; Matlab; Maple
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