swMATH ID: 27312
Software Authors: Annika Borgenstam; Lars Höglund; John Ågren; Anders Engström; Andersson, JO; Helander, T; Shi, P; Sundman, B
Description: DICTRA, a tool for simulation of diffusional transformations in alloys. In the present paper, a general survey of the diffusion-controlled transformations (DICTRA) software is given. DICTRA is an engineering tool for diffusion simulations in multicomponent alloys. The simulations are based on multicomponent diffusion and thermodynamic data, both obtained by analyzing and assessing experimental information. This allows for many different cases to be studied as soon as the underlying data are available. DICTRA is not a complete simulation tool because only geometries that can be transformed into one space variable can be treated, but many well posed problems of practical interest may be solved. The program contains several different models, which are discussed in the present paper. Each model has its own applications and several examples from recent simulations are given in order to demonstrate the usage of the particular models.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1361%2F105497100770340057
Related Software: OOMMF; ABAQUS; HYPLAS; Matlab; Neural Network Toolbox; Thermo-Calc; PANDAT; Matplotlib; NumPy; Python; pydiffusion
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