swMATH ID: 27314
Software Authors: Gergel, Victor; Barkalov, Konstantin; Sysoyev, Alexander
Description: Globalizer: a novel supercomputer software system for solving time-consuming global optimization problems. In this paper, we describe the Globalizer software system for solving the global optimization problems. The system is designed to maximize the use of computational potential of the modern high-performance computational systems in order to solve the most time-consuming optimization problems. The highly parallel computations are facilitated using various distinctive computational schemes: processing several optimization iterations simultaneously, reducing multidimensional optimization problems using multiple Peano space-filling curves, and multi-stage computing based on the nested block reduction schemes. These novelties provide for the use of the supercomputer system capabilities with shared and distributed memory and with large numbers of processors to solve the global optimization problems efficiently.
Homepage: http://aimsciences.org//article/doi/10.3934/naco.2018003
Keywords: global optimization; information-statistical theory; parallel computing; high-performance computational systems; supercomputing technologies
Related Software: Algorithm 829; LGO; PISA; Matlab; LINDOGlobal; IOSO; MultiMin; GlobSol; GAMS; LINDO; BARON; GCGen
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