swMATH ID: 2738
Software Authors: Berberich, Eric; Eigenwillig, Arno; Hemmer, Michael; Hert, Susan; Kettner, Lutz; Mehlhorn, Kurt; Reichel, Joachim; Schmitt, Susanne; Sch"omer, Elmar; Wolpert, Nicola
Description: EXACUS: Efficient and exact algorithms for curves and surfaces. We present the first release of the EXACUS C++ libraries. We aim for systematic support of non-linear geometry in software libraries. Our goals are efficiency, correctness, completeness, clarity of the design, modularity, flexibility, and ease of use. We present the generic design and structure of the libraries, which currently compute arrangements of curves and curve segments of low algebraic degree, and Boolean operations on polygons bounded by such segments.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/11561071_16
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