swMATH ID: 27408
Software Authors: Severin, J, Beal, K, Vilella, A, Fitzgerald, S, Schuster, M, Gordon, L, Ureta-Vidal, A, Flicek, P, Herrero, J
Description: eHive: An Artificial Intelligence workflow system for genomic analysis. We present eHive, a new fault tolerant distributed processing system initially designed to support comparative genomic analysis, based on blackboard systems, network distributed autonomous agents, dataflow graphs and block-branch diagrams. In the eHive system a MySQL database serves as the central blackboard and the autonomous agent, a Perl script, queries the system and runs jobs as required. The system allows us to define dataflow and branching rules to suit all our production pipelines. We describe the implementation of three pipelines: (1) pairwise whole genome alignments, (2) multiple whole genome alignments and (3) gene trees with protein homology inference. Finally, we show the efficiency of the system in real case scenarios.
Homepage: https://bmcbioinformatics.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1471-2105-11-240
Related Software: Spark; knitr; NumPy; pyfssa; Bpipe; ReproZip; IPython; Scikit; Pwrake; BioContainers; Sweave; Snakemake; Jupyter; Taverna; Ruffus; Dask; BigDataScript; Mahotas; Docker; Cython
Cited in: 0 Publications