swMATH ID: 27498
Software Authors: Pührer, Jörg
Description: ArgueApply: a mobile app for argumentation. Formal models developed in the field of argumentation allow for analysing and evaluating problems that have previously been studied by philosophers on an informal level only. Importantly, they also give rise to the development of computational tools for argumentation. In this paper we report on ArgueApply, a mobile app for argumentation that is based on the Grappa framework, an extension of, e.g., abstract argumentation in the sense of Dung. With ArgueApply users can engage in online discussions and evaluate their semantics. Each of the resulting interpretations can be seen as a coherent view on a discussion in which some of the discussions statements are accepted and others rejected. Being a mobile tool, ArgueApply is intended to be more accessible than existing systems for computing argumentation semantics allowing, e.g., for spontaneous analysis of an ongoing discussion or collective preparation for an important debate. While having a practical system for these applications is the final goal of our work, an immediate objective is using the system for exploring which type of Grappa frameworks under which semantics are best suited for such applications.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-319-61660-5_23
Keywords: argumentation; grappa; mobile application; Android; answer set programming
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