swMATH ID: 27528
Software Authors: John Hobby
Description: MetaPost on the Web: This page has a list of links related to MetaPost, a powerful tool for creating graphics in scalable PostScript. It was written by John Hobby, based on Metafont by Donald Knuth. Around 2007, it was separated into a frontend and backend library (MPlib, which was then linked into LuaTeX) by Taco Hoekwater.
Homepage: http://www.tug.org/metapost.html
Related Software: LaTeX; TeX; Asymptote; GiNaC-cycle; GiNaC; METAFONT; PERL; minitoc; fancyhdr; GeoGebra; Python; Kig; REDUCE; GraphTheory; Maple; pdfTeX; babel; PicTex; LyX; arabtex
Cited in: 11 Documents

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