swMATH ID: 27553
Software Authors: Kang, Sohee; Pollanen, Marco; Damouras, Sotirios; Cater, Bruce
Description: Mathematics classroom collaborator (MC2): technology for democratizing the classroom. In any classroom, different groups of students may have unequal voices. This “lack of democracy” may be particularly problematic in STEM fields. To promote a more inclusive classroom, we developed and tested an online, real-time communication tool: the Mathematics Classroom Collaborator (𝑀𝐶2). 𝑀𝐶2 makes the entry of mathematics easy and intuitive, it includes an option for anonymity, and it works on a variety of platforms, including smart phones, tablets, and notebook computers. In this paper, we share our experience with employing 𝑀𝐶2 in a statistics service course and an introductory probability course. We describe how this tool creates new communication models for the technologically-enhanced class — models that may help overcome social barriers to create a more inclusive environment, and that may lead to further democratization of learning, including increased participation by women and/or English-language learners. The results of an experiment to measure the effectiveness of 𝑀𝐶2 compared to Microsoft Word Equation for novice users are also presented.
Homepage: https://rd.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-319-96418-8_33
Keywords: technology-enhanced classes; mathematics classroom collaborator; democracy in the classroom
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