swMATH ID: 27617
Software Authors: Agullo, Emmanuel; Bramas,Bérenger; Coulaud, Olivier; Darve, Eric; Messner, Matthias; Takahashi, Toru
Description: ScalFMM: Parallel Fast Multipole Library for Large Scale Simulations. ScalFMM is a software library to simulate N-body interactions using the Fast Multipole Method. This is a kernel independent fast multipole method based on interpolation ( Chebyshev or Lagrange). The library offers two methods to compute interactions between bodies when the potential decays like 1/r. The first method is the classical FMM based on spherical harmonic expansions and the second is the Black-Box method which is an independent kernel formulation (introduced by E. Darve @ Stanford). With this method, we can now easily add new non oscillatory kernels in our library. For the classical method, two approaches are used to decrease the complexity of the operators. We consider either matrix formulation that allows us to use BLAS routines or rotation matrices to speed up the M2L operator. ScalFMM intends to offer all the functionalities needed to perform large parallel simulations while enabling an easy customization of the simulation components: kernels, particles and cells. It works in parallel in a shared/distributed memory model using OpenMP and MPI. The software architecture has been designed with two major objectives: being easy to maintain and easy to understand. There is two main parts: the management of the octree and the parallelization of the method; the kernels. This new architecture allow us to easily add new FMM algorithm or kernels and new paradigm of parallelization.
Homepage: http://people.bordeaux.inria.fr/coulaud/Softwares/scalFMM.html
Keywords: fast multipole methods; multicore architectures; shared memory paradigm; runtime system; pipeline
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Cited in: 17 Publications

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