swMATH ID: 2764
Software Authors: Seo, Jaewan; Kim, Moonseong; Choo, Hyunseung; Mutka, Matt W.
Description: EDAS: Energy and distance aware protocol based on SPIN for wireless sensor networks Energy-efficient is a challenge in designing effective dissemination protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Several recent studies have been conducted in this area, and SPMS, which outperforms the well-known SPIN protocol, is a particularly representative protocol. One of the many characteristics of SPMS is its use of the shortest path to minimize energy consumption. However, since it repeatedly uses the same shortest path and, hence, reduces energy consumption, it is impossible to maximize the network lifetime. In this paper, a novel data dissemination protocol is proposed, called Energy and Distance Aware protocol based on SPIN (EDAS), which guarantees energy-efficient data transmission, as well as maximizing network lifetime. EDAS solves the network lifetime problem by taking account of both the residual energy and the most efficient distance between the nodes, to determine a path for data dissemination. Simulation results show that the EDAS guarantees energy-efficient transmission and moreover increases the network lifetime by approximately 69
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/818200q8t111l237/fulltext.pdf
Programming Languages: Java
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks; Data Dissemination Protocol; Energy Efficiency; Lifetime; SPIN; SPMS
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