swMATH ID: 27690
Software Authors: Loïc Dutrieux, Ben DeVries, Jan Verbesselt
Description: The bfastSpatial package provides utilities to performs change detection analysis (see DeVries et al. 2015; Dutrieux et al. 2015; J. Verbesselt et al. 2010; J. Verbesselt, Zeileis, and Herold 2012) on time-series of spatial gridded data, such as time-series of remote sensing images (Landsat, MODIS and the likes). The tools provided by bfastSpatial allows a user to perform all the steps of the change detection workflow, from pre-processing raw surface reflectance Landsat data, inventorying and preparing them for analysis to the production and formatting of change detection results. The present document aims at providing guidance to the users of bfastSpatial by detailing every steps of the process.
Homepage: http://www.loicdutrieux.net/bfastSpatial/
Source Code:  https://github.com/loicdtx/bfastSpatial
Dependencies: R
Related Software: dtw; maptools; rgdal; R; dtwSat; zoo; mgcv; ggplot2; MODISTools; SciDB; spacetime; lulcc; proxy; caret; TIMESAT; raster; landsat; CRAN
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