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Software Authors: Derbel, Hajer; Agoulmine, Nazim; Salaün, Mikaël
Description: ANEMA: Autonomic network management architecture to support self-configuration and self-optimization in IP networks In this paper, we present our Autonomic Network Management Architecture (ANEMA) that implements several policy forms to achieve autonomic behaviors in the network equipments. In ANEMA, the high-level objectives of the human administrators and the users are captured and expressed in terms of ‘Utility Function’ policies. The ‘Goal’ policies describe the high-level management directives needed to guide the network to achieve the previous utility functions. Finally, the ‘behavioral’ policies describe the behaviors that should be followed by network equipments to react to changes in their context and to achieve the given ‘Goal’ policies.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S138912860800354X
Keywords: autonomic network management; utility function policy; goal policy; behavioral policy; management context; QoS/QoE; multiservice IP networks
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